My journey with East Coast Recovery began in 2012, when I arrived to begin my treatment for alcoholism.

Having spent over 40 years in Banking, and telephony management, this was a new challenge, but one that in the end saved my life. Whilst my recovery was not easy, the love and kindness I was shown during my treatment, helped by the 12 step programme opened up a new life for me. Over the years I have gained new skills that have enabled me to progress not only in my Recovery but also within my current role as New Client Coordinator. My role is primarily to assist new Clients to achieve “a safe landing” when they arrive. This includes sorting out their medication needs, making them comfortable should they need to see the doctor, then driving them with their luggage to the houses. Once we arrive I help to settle them into their room, then show them around the houses answering any questions they may have. I enjoy this role as I remember how afraid I felt when I arrived at treatment, and how much care I was given. This has enabled me to pass on what I have learnt to others, and help them achieve a new life free from addiction, and the misery it brings.