I have worked at East Coast Recovery from the beginning, in 2007.

It’s been an interesting journey and I have loved the majority of it.

While working at East Coast I have been a volunteer worker, A Support Worker, Senior Support Worker, Support Team Managers, and now I am the Recovery Centre Manager, so some of my responsibilities are health and safety, Safeguarding and Incidents and the general safety around the projects, to ensure that all our staff and clients have safe environments.

There have been so many changes, from address changes, Program developments, building upgrades and ECR logo changes too.

Staff changes, staff development (ex-clients training and becoming members of the team) which is awesome to witness.

I love the way East Coast Recovery has changed with the times. This is natural and shows that we remain adaptable and teachable and we are not stuck in our ways.

One thing in life which is certain, for everyone and everything is change!

We embrace change!