Addiction isn't a choice. There are a series of choices we all make every day that lead to opportunities to become addicted, but it's rarely a conscious decision. We think we are in control but the reality is, we aren't.


Everyone was in the criminal lifestyle, everyone was shoplifting, there were fences or drug dealing or... By this time as well I'd been out and done a couple of runs and bought some drugs over from Amsterdam and there was... I remember one day sitting in the back of a car outside of a pub and we was all E’in we'd been up all night and my friend said, I said, I'll give us a bit of that, let me have a couple of lines of heroin to come down on.

I had this thing in my mind that people chose to end up like they ended up. I was smoking heroin to come down off of the ecstasy, not to become a junkie, I was just smoking it to come down off the ecstasy.

I never once ever dreamt or thought that I'd end up becoming a heroin addict, becoming a low bottom heroin addict. I thought that I was involved in the decisions and what I'd done when I was taking heroin but it ended up that I definitely wasn't involved in any decisions.

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