Users experience an initial rush when consuming crystal meth. The heartbeat races and metabolism, blood pressure and pulse soar. This initial feeling can last up to thirty minutes. The high that follows can continue up to sixteen hours later. Users often experience a surge in confidence and energy and may become argumentative and intensely focused.

The risk of addiction to crystal meth is extremely high as the drug’s effect is highly concentrated. Uncontrolled and persistent use reduces the intensity of the drug’s effect. As such, abuse will spiral out of control in an attempt to chase the high.

It is also a popular drug of choice for Chemsex along with GHB and Cocaine.

Following a crystal meth binge, when the drug no longer delivers a rush or high, users become overwhelmed by cravings and a feeling of emptiness. Intense itching is common and often manifests in bruised or scabbed skin.

Users experience uncontrollable and erratic twitching, alongside the inability to sleep. This can last for days at a time, rendering the user disconnected from reality and experiencing hallucinations. Very often, individuals become hostile and a danger to themselves and others before they experience an intense crash.

Their bodies are starved, dehydrated and exhausted. Users also tend to experience extreme weight loss. Crystal meth depletes the body’s resources and creates an all-consuming dependence that can only be relieved by continued use.

In the long term, meth use is associated with serious health conditions, from memory loss and psychotic behaviour to heart, liver, kidney, lung and brain damage. In some cases, convulsions or cardiovascular collapse can result in death.