Our Treatment Advisors goal is to fully understand every personal situation. By asking a series of questions, they will assess the individual requirements to establish the right treatment plan.

By getting a good assessment from a company like East Coast Recovery will allow for individuals to get all the information they may need. This can include, what level of care is needed, how much this will cost, the location options and what medical treatments are suited and/or available for the individual.

No matter the financial situation of the individual, our team are here to help and advise those who need it most. We are able to cater to an array of clients from all societal backgrounds. The specialist team also look at if the individual is currently working, if they have daily commitments such as looking after children or pets as well as their general living situation.

There are plenty of different options available such as residential treatment, out-patient treatment, fellowships, a mixture of both in-person and online therapy treatment or purely just online programmes. We work with a variety of therapists who are specialised in different areas of addiction and mental health.

Our team will be able to assist in highlighting the best treatment or therapy for each person’s specific needs. They really listen to every individual situation to be able to identify the most beneficial treatment plan to get the individual back on track with their life.

By picking up the phone and having a free assessment with one of our friendly treatment advisors they can help support and answer any questions or queries that may be of concern. No questions are off limits in regards to addiction and treatment. There is also no need to commit to anything after the free assessment. The service is ultimately to help identify and understand the options individuals have when it comes to tackling their addiction and/or mental health.

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