You may not know this but alcoholics often have a strong fantasy associated with drinking? To give up alcohol can feel that it is to give up a dream. That is in part why contemplative meditation is is so important, it allows us to begin to change our minds through constant affirmation.


I mean I've met people that again they struggle with giving up alcohol because they have such a strong image of them drinking alcohol. Like a fantasy almost.

One guy he just always dreamed of sitting in a pub reading his newspaper and pontificating he was quite intelligent in certain areas but the thing is that image he couldn't let go of that image so not drinking took away he's kind of almost like his dream.

I'm just saying I think that's what humans do I have dreams visions and then I try and achieve.

You know self-development and and even the the AA book it talks about contemplative meditation that you if you focus your mind you can create your experience yeah and to take it off the things that you're obsessed by.

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