There may be a predisposition for addiction within us. Although a family of four might be exposed to the same trauma only one may become addicted to substances. It could well be true that trauma triggers the addiction, much like an allergy, we don't know we are allergic until we feel the symptoms.


I don't really know where it comes from. I'm often asking that question, like I wish I knew what it was. Is there one thing that made that happen?

Like was it me and my partner talk a lot about hardware and software? It's like, are you predispositioned to it? Like is there something within your brain that makes you, because it runs in my family.


I think it's like, again, a good way, because again, at the moment, I think people are saying that, you know, like is it Gabor Maté it's all trauma, trauma, is what's causing it. And I think there's a good argument for that. I just don't believe that's true. Again, not of everybody anyway, that's the best I could say, I guess.

But I think trauma triggers it, but like you might have five people in a family all having the same trauma, but only one of them may become an alcoholic.


And I'm one of four and I'm the only alcoholic.


Yeah, so I think there's a disposition in you to begin with. I think it's like a peanut allergy, it makes most sense to me, but you never know you had it until you had the peanut.

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