Before you start your day, take a few moments to visualize it in your mind. Imagination is a powerful tool in life and by setting intentions, we can help to create a positive and productive day ahead!


Consider the day ahead in your imagination, because your imagination is so important in life. It's kind of where a lot of anxiety comes from, fears come from, doubt comes from. You know, imagination really is the seat of creation in humanity, that we sort of have to imagine it in our mind, even whether you call it a plan, before we then start trying to create it.

So it's going to say, right, you're unhappy the way your day starts. You're unhappy with how grumpy your scenario is in the morning with your family. So now you're going to focus on trying something different.

We consider the 24 hours ahead of us.

You can then contemplate how I'm going to change. And then you run the scenario through your mind, that you imagine yourself going in the kitchen, your wife might give you a morning glare, but you're going to ignore that, because you've already set the intention of doing something different. And you'll say, morning, how's everybody this morning? Well, straight away, they're all going to go, what's wrong with him? He's a bit happy. Is something wrong with him? Then you're going to say, I'm going to make some toast. Does anyone like some toast? And they're all going to go, man, there's something really mad going on.

When people say you can't change other people, it's not really true, because they're all going to start changing. They're all going to go, what's different here? The pattern's changing.