Before we hit rock bottom the enablers pick us back up, making it feel okay to continue on the path of addiction. It's often not until others stop taking responsibility that we start taking it for our selves. Issy

I was 21 when I came to East Coast Recovery, yeah, and I was... I didn't have much left to give. It wasn't like I sort of took a little trip to rehab, like, oh I'm just feeling a bit, like a bit jaded, I need some help. It was like, no, I was on the sofa with the curtains closed drinking vodka and just completely numbing myself and I'd lost my job. My partner at the time went, I'm done, I'm going, and it was that moment that he walked out the door. I went, oh, I'm going to ask for help. Like, after him struggling and struggling and struggling to be like, I'm going to help you, I'm going to help you, and I was like, yeah, he's going to help me. And then he sort of, the minute he let go, I was like, oh, I'm going to do something about this, which I always find really interesting.


Very interesting for the enablers out there.


Yeah. That the addict's like this and they crash landing and then the enabler just catches them just before they crash. And I related to that a lot. It was like people would just kind of make it OK.

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