Finding a sponsor can be vital in early recovery, they can provide you with advice and encourage accountability. For the best chance of long term recovery we suggest a 360 support system that includes addiction professionals, friends, family and support groups as well a sponsor. For more advice on online support and therapy contact our Treatment Advisors today 03302 020015.


I haven't had a sponsor for quite a long time because I've tried. People keep going, you need to get a sponsor. And I'm like, OK, I'll go get a sponsor. I try and then they ghost me. People disappear. And I'm always really interested by how that's happened or what's happened there.


Well, every sponsor I've had have been very dysfunctional people. And when it comes to the stopping drinking, they were brilliant.


I struggle to sit in meetings and talk about what happened, like even in this conversation we've had now. I'm not really going back into like, yeah, that happened. It was rubbish. I drank loads. I ruined my life, destroyed everything. I had to start again. It wasn't great. And my mental health was shot to pieces and it was gross. And I will talk about that to my heart's content if people want to hear about it, because it makes them feel like they relate. And that's really important as a starting point. But I'm interested in the work. I'm interested in like what we do now to be a functional human being, which I struggle with. I still struggle today. The drink's long gone, but I struggle with life. I just struggle with life, with people. And I have to work really hard. I have to work really hard to be OK.

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