Anxiety disorders affect so many lives, yet not even half of those with generalised anxiety disorder receive the treatment they need.

Let's support those struggling and make sure they know there's help available - psychotherapy is recommended as the first line of treatment. For a free consultation contact our Treatment Advisors today.


Did you know that less than 50% of people with generalised anxiety disorder access treatment?

Even though many people prefer psychological therapy over medication due to their concerns, including various side effects and dependence. NICE guidelines recommend psychological interventions as the first line of treatment for anxiety and depression.

However, the national aim for at least 25% of adults to access IAPT services means a large portion of individuals who might benefit from therapy are unable to access it.

A study by Anxiety UK found that That suggests that organisations like East Coast Recovery and Rehabs UK are playing a vital role in mental health therapy and addressing gaps in therapy availability.

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