Recovery and life is a journey, not a destination. Instead of relying on mind-altering substances or shortcuts to spiritual awakening embrace the experience of living and take the time to explore and appreciate the journey. This will provide us with a much richer tapestry of knowledge that can be equipped in the real world. Lester

And like you say, a lot of people I think think that doing the DMT or something like that will short circuit that journey for them. But that kind of experience isn't as valuable as the lived experience.


Well, this brings me on to my next statement made by Alan Watts, and you've just kind of hit the nail on the head there. The first thing he says is be careful, because that's really an accurate analogy, if you like.

Like putting a million volts through a 12-volt battery in the brain, my makeup that I go into it with is not quite ready for that. But the statement two that he said, and this really hit me, it says you have to be really careful about unearned wisdom.

Those five years in recovery was a slow five years, that's about 1,500 days. It was a very slow, gradual, and earned spiritual path, and the results were the results of my participation and my action and my effort.

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