Disappointment can lead to lower expectations in life. It's important to remember that some expectations are reasonable and worth striving for. Don't let disappointment stop you from achieving your goals!


Disappointment's been a word that's meant more to me the older I've gotten, the longer I've gone on this journey, the more people that I talk to because I realise a lot of people are very disappointed with their life. And the trouble with that is it causes us to lower our expectations.

Some expectations are very reasonable expectations. It's reasonable to expect not to be abused, to be loved, to be respected and cared for. And I think if you get too disappointed, which can start in childhood, if your parents didn't have a happy marriage, they can become very disappointed in each other.

I think that knocks on to the children and I think a natural way of dealing with disappointment is to lower your expectations. But that expectation can be lowered too much. So I'd encourage you to re-evaluate what you expect and how you expect to be treated and how you expect to treat other people.