Take back control of our minds! It takes consistent daily effort to create new neural pathways in our minds but if we keep walking the right path eventually our minds will be changed.


Choice is what we're trying to put back into that person's mind.

To say look your mind's got a mind of his own. You're supposed to be the chairman of it. You've not even got a choice because they're like I don't even want to do that. I see red or the red mist drops or whatever it is. Well that's saying you've got no choice and you don't have but you do have the ability to develop the choice.

If you've got an issue just try to do the visualizations. Make the commitment to try and respond differently. You may fail lots of times but you keep going and eventually because what's actually in your brain is you're building a new pathway. If you imagine it as like a grass field if you keep walking over it one direction but you're going where you don't want to be you're gonna put a path in it. Now as you keep walking in the right path even though you naturally want to go on the wrong path you start creating a new pathway very slowly. Now as you start building a new pathway the old one because you're not walking on it anymore it starts to grow over and they thought this was impossible not so long ago.

They thought that you really couldn't sort of change your mind that you're kind of hardwired but you've got neuroplasticity so if you create the right environment which is in between your ears then you can change your mind as much as you want.

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