TRIGGER WARNING! When a child is abused and neglected by their parent, they start to do the same to themselves rather than reflect it back to their parent.


When parents neglect or abuse you and you're a child, the child doesn't start to neglect and abuse the parent, the child starts to neglect and abuse themselves.

So that's definitely, when I heard that, when someone said that to me, I said, oh my God, I could totally relate to it.

So rather than me thinking my mum's very selfish and she's kind of hasn't had a great upbringing herself, so what she's doing is a reflection on her, I took it as it was a reflection on me for all my life. And I know that now I know in my heart, which was very important to me, is that my mum loved me with all her heart.

She just didn't have it to give me what I needed as a child. And also her relationship with my dad was very strained and she couldn't bear to live with her anymore.