Group therapy sessions are a great way to find fellow peers that understand and relate to shared experiences. It's one of the most effective ways we can support each other in our journeys towards recovery. Let's come together as a community and create a safe and non-judgmental atmosphere that encourages healing!


Group sessions are, they are so much more successful and you know I believe that to be because people need that connection to other human beings.

You know there's a lot of attachment stuff there and we need that kind of community around us of people that understand and get it where you're not judged and you know people recover in communities and it's a very isolated lonely illness which a lot of people will identify with and purely because that the mind works so different you know people identify that they feel very different and so connecting to other people who are essentially the same can really help springboard someone into a place of recovery and stopping using or drinking.

We offer a free support group called Family Talk, please don't hesitate to contact our Treatment Advisors today to find out more.