On Saturday the 20th of November 2021, East Coast Recovery, Rehabilitation centre, met with Catalyst Counselling, a not-for-profit Social Enterprise. The meeting took place to discuss developing a more formal working partnership. It was also an opportunity to share knowledge and talk about concerns in the addiction and mental health field.

East Coast Recovery (ECR), predominantly offering residential addiction treatment in Lowestoft understand that many people are unable to access this type of treatment. With the increasing demand for support for people struggling with mental health and addiction since the pandemic, by recognising these demands which are coming from Norfolk and Suffolk, and also from further afield. ECR realise that this partnership with Catalyst Counselling would be extremely valuable.

Catalyst has had a presence in the local area since 1990. The Company aims to contribute to the mental health and wellbeing of the local community by providing high quality and affordable counselling; the company works in collaboration with other local voluntary sector organisations, local businesses and the local NHS Services with a view to providing mental health support.

With this in mind, the partnership between ECR and Catalyst Counselling will be beneficial. It will enable people who might be struggling to get access to resources quicker. In some cases, individuals may be able to get help that might not have previously been available to them.

At the meeting staff from both Catalyst Counselling and ECR were enthusiastic about the new venture. Both parties were optimistic about the potential of creating a very productive working relationship. Each staff member who attended was keen to demonstrate the need for more partnerships like this. They spoke about the importance of the help and support both parties can provide for the mental health and addiction field.

Pictured: Left Lester Morse (Director of ECR), Right Aaron Davis (Director of Catalyst)

Eleanor Catchpole, Head Therapist at ECR said:

“In the future we are hoping to refer many of our clients to catalyst for affordable, informed, high quality counselling to run alongside the 12-step program. This partnership will not only support many sufferers and their families but will also support Catalyst in providing affordable training and counselling to our local community.”

Aaron Davis, Director said:

“One of the ways in which we ensure the quality and integrity of the service is that we train our own counsellors to a high professional standard which is recognised by the British Psychoanalytic Council. The training is a four- year undertaking.”

Aaron Davis added “As the demand for counselling has increased significantly since the pandemic, we have become more involved in working with people who have come through the East Coast Recovery Programme. We are delighted therefore to formalise this working partnership.”

Both ECR and Catalyst Counselling are excited about the future and how this partnership will progress. With the main focus on providing outstanding care and support for those who are struggling with mental health and addiction.


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