I have worked in mental health and the field of addiction for many years so have dealt with a great deal of people struggling with mental health in differing ways. I know how it feels to suffer with addictions and mental health issues but I am living proof that things can be very different.

I love working with people who are open minded, honest and looking to improve their lives and explore some of their blocks. I have a lot of experience working with depression, anxiety, abuse, addiction and low self esteem. If you aren't happy with yourself or your life, I would love to find out why and help you to explore ways of making positive changes. I have transformed my life in a positive way so I speak from experience when I say radical transformation is possible if you are open to it. I offer a safe, non-judgemental space to talk about the things that are really important to you.

I love to explore my clients lives and perceptions of life to try and understand why they think, feel and behave in the ways they do. Everyone has a unique story that leads them to a moment and I help people to understand why they are currently where they are. I believe that humans have an incredible capacity to change and I am living proof of that.

Ian is online and face-to-face therapist for East Coast Recovery & its sister company Rehabs UK.