On Saturday the 19th of March, Lester Morse, Director of East Coast Recovery spoke about addiction and the brain to individuals associated with Adam Outreach.

Adam Outreach provide a safe environment for men who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

The general support Adam Outreach offer includes accompanying residents to probation, doctors’ appointments and guiding them in matters of court cases, debt needs, universal credit, setting up bank accounts and dealing with Identity Documents. They have a trained councillor and therapist that helps then when needed, and they liaise with other organisations by sign posting into the community.

Senior manager of Adam Outreach, Ricky Bolton said:

“I found that Lester’s talk made good sense, addiction is a disease of neuroplasticity. In the past, clinicians considered detoxification to be the treatment for addiction. However, detoxification is simply removal of the drug from the body and treatment of withdrawal symptoms. Now we know that the essence of addiction continues long after the last dose of the drug, often lasting for years.

Something Lester said that stood out for many residents was: “Recovery is about keeping an open mind whilst addiction is a closed mind.”

A quote I like is “our minds are like parachutes; they only really work when fully opened.”

As the senior manager I am always trying to find ways I can transmit the message of recovery in our project, that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that recovery is possible. We are really keen to build a relationship with East Coast Recovery as their ethos and vision is similar to ours.”

Both ECR and Adam Outreach are excited about the future and how this partnership will progress. With the main focus on providing outstanding care and support for those who are struggling with addiction.


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