Held every 1st Wednesday of the month (2.30PM – 3.30PM)

East Coast Recovery’s Director Lester Morse discusses the spiritual and scientific aspects around addiction and the brain.

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Boundaries and Meeting Etiquette


The intention of the “Brain Talk” is to provide information around the neuroscience behind addiction, support and advice around recovery and answer any questions you may have. We are however unable to discuss individual clients/service users during the meeting.

Please Note:

This is not the forum to make a complaint – this will be directed to the appropriate department

This is not the forum to discuss financials or potential admits etc – this will be directed to the appropriate department

Meeting Etiquette

All meeting guest’s will be placed on “mute” when accessing the zoom meeting. Please un-mute if you have a question.

Use the video option when possible. It lets people see you.

More light is better. Video quality is dramatically improved with more lighting.