How addiction impacts on relationships

Addiction can affect many of your relationships. One of the most effected is relationships with friends and family. There are no healthy, functioning relationships maneuvering successfully through the realms of addiction and abuse.


Every relationship that comes face to face with substance abuse and addiction is bound to suffer tremendously. Romantic relationships where at least one partner is dealing with addiction likely include a great deal more conflict than most. Trust issues, hurt feelings, and anxiety can be side effects of substance abuse in a relationship — for either partner or for both. These issues slowly wear away at relationships.

Addiction does not just hurt the person who’s suffering with it; it affects all aspects of their life, including family, friends, and lovers. Relationships will often suffer because of substance abuse and addiction.

Whether its siblings, mother, father or friends, everyone is affected in some sort of negative way. They all want to know how to make the individual better. However, these relationships and personal hurts, can be healed with time, therapy, and the proper treatment.

Family therapy is a part of many drug and alcohol rehabilitation programmes. Often, it is friends and family working together who convince their loved one it is time to get help.


We see our loved ones hurting, and we wish desperately to help them, without the slightest idea on how best to provide aid.

Our first instinct is often to intervene and lecture our loved ones out of anger and/or the desire to protect them from endangering themselves and others. But in the case of substance abuse, it is often best to take a step back and look at the whole picture before trying to help.


If anything in this article has sparked any questions or concerns please call our specialist team. We know that this is a sensitive topic for many people. Our treatment advisers can help you or your loved one get the support they need.